I Joined A Club . . . And Fucked My Son

by Kay Johnson

I'm 45 years old and got a divorce after the kids were grown up. Even at 43, I was attractive enough to date a lot, and I made up for years of little or no sex, so for the last two years I've been quite a sexual dynamo, trying out all sorts of sexual kinks. I am now bi-sexual, having gotten involved with a woman right after my divorce. I've also been ass-fucked, been fucked by black men, played some bondage games and other stuff I never used to imagine.
Not long ago I found out about a club for women which arranged for the women to meet men with big cocks. The local chapter had eleven women in it and there were nine men in the registry. The smallest cock size available was a thick 9 inches and belonged to a slim guy named Jim. The longest was over 15 inches when hard and belonged to a black man named George. I discovered the joy of big dick soon after I was separated. The first guy I went to bed with had a cock 7 inches long and thick as a banana, bigger than my ex's 6-inch-long pee shooter. He fucked me deeper,  of course, and the thickness gave me a good feeling. I received pleasure from the fuck for the first time in years. That's how I became involved in swinging as I looked for longer, thicker cocks. Eventually a friend who shared my inter-est clued me in on club.
"Most women, as they get older or have kids, get more pleasure out of a thick dick," Sue said as we had coffee in a restaurant. "Most of us are fascinated by a big one. Look how many women admit glancing at a guy's crotch. But looking is all most women will do or even can do. Just like most men have average-length cocks, about 6 inches, most women can't take more than that. But there's a small percentage of women who can take longer pricks. I can take a 10« inch cock before it touches bottom."
"How do you find big ones?" I asked. That's when she told me about "3 C," which stands for the Colossal Cock Club. I was amazed that such a club existed, but Sue explained how the men were screened before they were admitted.

"Some of the women are way up one the social ladder or are businesswomen or have husbands with important jobs and can't risk scandal. The suburbs of Washington, D. C. have three chapters with several hundred women members."  She spent another fifteen
minutes telling me about the club and I didn't need to be per-suaded to join.

There are no business meetings, just an occasional informal party where we can meet new men who are in the "stable," and it was at one of those parties that I met Sean, a 30-year-old fitness instructor with a nine inch cock. The men walked around bare-chested and wearing briefs which had a hole out of which their cocks hung on display. The women could look and touch, but nothing else. Sean's cock felt good in my hand and I "touched" him till he was totally rigid and anxious to demonstrate his techniques. We made a date for the next evening.
I looked over the other studs that were there, seven in all.
3 black men, four Caucasians. A loose-leave binder was on hand that gave particulars about the studs available in the club, listing only their first names, giving physical descriptions and showing a photograph. I was turning pages and making mental notes when I came to the entry for Robert.
It was my son, Bobby!  22 years old, Bobby was single and he lived in an apartment a few miles from me. We spoke or saw each other several times each week. I recognized the face but I never knew Bobby was so well-endowed. According to the listing, he had
a 10«-inch erection. The color photograph of that wonder wand of his was impressive. I knew he hadn't inherited that from his father.
I didn't tell anyone that Robert was my son. Oh, I doubt they would have removed either of us from the club, but I found myself thinking about fucking my son. Other members of the club might have disapproved of the idea of an incestuous affair. All the next day I anticipated sampling Sean's nice beefstick while I fantasized about my son.
When Sean arrived we got down to business fast. I answered the door naked and within a minute I was sucking his tasty cock.
I was torn between sucking him off or having him fuck me, but Sean assured me that he was good for four or five orgasms, so I went ahead and sucked him off right in the living room. I could only take about half of his cock into my mouth, but he evidently enjoyed it. I certainly liked the taste of his cum and wondered what Bobby's would taste like.
Sean and I went to the bedroom where he ate my cunt and got me off, then he worked that cock of his inside me. Lord, but that felt good!  His dick stretched me  and went deeper than any cock ever had, touching places I never knew I had. Sean's dick curved upwards, too, which stimulated my G-spot, and the way his balls kept slapping at my asshole . . . well, I just had a super orgasm before he filled me with his second big load.
It took him longer to recover this time, so we did lots of sucking and rimming until he was hard again. He has huge, delicious balls and a sweaty asshole.
"I want a triple play," I told him. "I want you to fuck my asshole!"  He said he loved anal sex but there weren't many women into buttfucking and even those who were couldn't take his fat cock.
"That's why I think older women are much better in bed than younger women," he said."Older women know what they want and they go for it. They don't play games and that bullshit."  We lubri-cated the essential parts and I got on my hands and knees as Sean
pushed his knob against my pore.
I wonder how Bobby's big dick would feel? I thought as my sphincter opened and Sean's thick pipe slowly made its way into my chute. I'd only gotten into anal sex just last year, but I'd gotten hooked fast. I'd been ass-fucked by Sue and her 10" strap-on prick, so I knew I could accommodate Sean's dick.
He was an enthusiastic ass fucker, all right. He made me cum twice before he gave me a creamy cum enema that felt good and warm. I fell asleep with Sean's cock in my ass and when I awoke he was gone. I spent the rest of the night dreaming about fucking my son's beautiful cock and after breakfast, I had a plan.
It was a common practice to arrange to rendezvous with the hung studs at a particular hotel in town. Going through chan-nels, I arranged for Bobby . . . uh, Robert, come to the hotel and get the key for Mrs. Shumate's room.
When he opened the door, I was nude on the bed and wearing a leather hood to hide my hair and face. I said nothing as he walked to the bed and, as per instructions, used the nylon stockings on the end of the bed to tie my legs and wrists and put a pillow under my butt. He stripped then stroked his magnificent erection to it's awesome rigid beauty.
"You want this, don't you?" he asked, not knowing it was his own mother lying naked, bound and waiting for him to slip that cock into the cunt that dribbled juice. "Well, I'll fuck you, Mrs. Shumate, or whoever you are. Here, lick me."  He put the end of his cock at my mouth and I slapped the engorged knob with
my tongue. Preemie pudding dribbled from the slit, giving me a taste of the sweet cream inside.
"Fuck me," I begged, my voice low and raspy so he wouldn't recognize me. "Please."
"You want this big dick?" he asked, slapping my leather-covered cheeks. "You want me to fuck you with this cock, Mrs. Shumate?"  I nodded. My written instructions had told him that "Mrs. Shumate" wanted to be tied and taken with no pain. Bobby had been involved in the Dramatics program in college and I knew he enjoyed improvisation. He was good at it, too.
He got between my legs and I had a brief feeling he was going to recognize me and not give me what I wanted. But he smiled and lodged the plum cap of his cock at my sopping pussy hole.
"Are you sure you want this?" he asked, teasing and causing my excitement to build. "I nodded frantically. "Are you posi-tive?"
"Fuck me, goddamn it!" I yelled and thrust my hips, capturing  the head of his shaft. He pressed forward and inch after glorious inch of my son's shaft slid into my tunnel of love. I wanted to have every inch of that cock inside me.
"More, deeper, oh, fuck me deep,"  I pleaded, and Bobby obliged by humping that cock further into my moist hole. I just opened up to him, as any mother would, and soon his entire 10 inches was far inside me, tickling the entrance of the very womb that had carried him so many years past.
Bobby's balls pressed against my ass and I let my cunt muscles work on that prick, massaging and milking that love muscle until it spewed its syrup into my cunt. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and hug him but with my hands tied as they were, I could only groan and meet his powerful, cunt churning thrusts as best I could.
Bobby brought me off to a wonderful orgasm and my cunt was still spasming around his hammering cock when it swelled and spit its hot seed deep into my body. There are just no words to describe the feeling of a young man spurting his semen deep into his own mother's vagina. It was wonderful and almost unreal. I felt happy and proud.
Bobby lay on top of me, sweating and gasping for air, his cock barely shrinking after his first cum. I licked his ear and whispered for him to untie me. He did so and I told him it was his turn. I used the same stockings to tie his hands and feet down then I started licking his body and giving him a tongue bath. By the time I reached his loins, his cock was standing tall and rigid. I bypassed his pole, though, and licked his heavy balls, so full of cum juice that I dearly wanted to taste.
Then I began rimming his sensitive anal ring and Bobby jerked on the bed. Pre-cum oozed from the head of his cock and I knew that before I could open my mouth wide enough to suck that cock, I'd have to remove the leather hood. Knowing he was restrained and couldn't run away, I unsnapped the hood as I took his cock in my hand.
"Want me to suck this?" I asked, licking the smooth crown and kissing the tip.
"Ooh, yeah, suck that dick, baby, eat that meat!"  I started unfastening the hood and talking to him, slowly letting my voice return to normal.
"Yes, I'm going to suck this big prick, baby," I said. "I want your cum. I have to have every thick, sweet drop of your man milk."  I grabbed the hood and pulled it off as I said, in my normal voice, "Give mom your cum, Bobby!"
Yes, indeed, he was very shocked when he saw me. His face looked like someone had just shoved a cattle prod up his ass and his body jerked, pushing about two inches of cock past my lips and into my hungry mouth.
"Jeez!  Mama!  Christ!" he shouted as he squirmed under the darting of my tongue on his sensitive cockmeat. But he never told me to stop, and later he said he'd always fantasized about doing it with me, so having me suck his cock was a dream come true for him. I circled his asshole with my finger as I sucked, knowing that stimulation would add to the pleasure he was feeling.
"Do you like the way I suck your big dick, Bobby?  Do you?"
"Oh, yeah, suck it!  I love it, Mom!  Christ, my own mother sucking my cock!"

A son's cock is certainly a delight to a loving mother, especially when it's as big as Bobby's. A mouthful of meat, a pussyful of prick, tasty and good. I pushed my finger into his steamy rectum and felt a dollop of juice squirt from his cock. I wiggled it deep and massaged his prostate gland.
"Shit, Mom, I'm gonna shoot!  I'm gonna blast a whopper cum load for you!"  I reluctantly took my mouth off his swollen prick.
"I want you to shoot it all over my face and in my mouth, Bobby!  Give me every sweet drop of your spunk!"  I slapped my tongue against the head as my fist jacked that cock. My finger in his ass felt the prostate spasm and I felt his cock swell and throb as his cum juice rocketed up the tube and fired out the end of that fleshy cannon.
I caught plenty of his sex sap on my tongue, but still lots of it splashed my face as he shot gush after gush. I was amazed that he could shoot so much so soon after his first explosive cumming in my cunt.
He tasted wonderful, just as I knew he would. Better tan honey, Bobby's spunk was a nectar of the gods. I sloshed the stuff in my mouth, rolling it around on my taste buds before I swallowed it down. God, how decadent for a mother to suck and swallow  her son's sperm-filled semen. But how complete and sublime for a son to give his mother the sweetness of his passion and the lustful offering of his youth.
I sucked his cock as it wilted inside my mouth. We were silent for a few minutes, except for our breathing, relishing the newfound closeness of mother and son. His tangy cum coated my tongue and throat and still simmered in my cunt. Bobby slowly ran his fingers through my hair as he caught his breath.
"Mom, does anyone else in the club know that . . . ?"
"That I'm your mother?  I haven't told anyone. Do you think they'd kick us out?"
"I doubt it. I've been there for over a year and it's a kinky bunch. There's a woman and her aunt who are members, so I guess a mother and son is an inevitable combination."  Bobby's cock was already firming up and I asked him if he ever fucked anyone's ass with that prick of his.
"A few," he said. Then a grin crossed that handsome face of his and his cock seemed to twitch. "Do you, ah . . . ?"
"Ooh, yes-s-s," I answered. "I want this cock in my ass!"
I had brought along a tube of K-Y and proceeded to grease my son's cock. What stamina and recovery power he had!  I was swelling with maternal pride as his cock swelled to yet another
steely erection, his third inside and hour. What a man my son had become!  What mother wouldn't be happy?
Bobby took his time impaling my ass on that thick long spike. I was kneeling on the bed as he slowly worked that prod up my chute. I had to fight to keep back my groans because it did hurt, but I didn't want him to stop. His cock was thicker than anything I'd ever had up there, including Sean. But even though there was a little pain, it still felt good to be packed by prick.
And it wasn't long before the pain had vanished, Bobby's big balls pressed against my cunt lips and my son's cock was completely buried deep inside my ass.  His hands left my hips and reached under me to grab my tits. His hot breath tickled my ear as he leaned over me.
"Fucking your ass, Mom!  How do you like my cock in your ass?"
"Oh, Bobby, don't move," I told him. "It feels so good having you deep inside me. So fucking good!"  My nipples were like rigid bullets he rolled between his fingers. I felt my cunt juices flowing down the inside of my thighs like rivers of boiling lava.
The Bobby began withdrawing his cock, slowly and maddeningly. The walls of my colon returned to their normal state as that long, thick pooper probe pulled out. The sensation was one of loss. But very soon he slowly returned, refilling the emptiness and putting a smile on my face. He picked up speed with each cycle, building a smooth in and out rhythm,  fucking me with skill and experience. He even reached down to tease my stiff clit to add to the incredible pleasure of having his meat plunging in my ass.
"Ah, fucking you, Mom. Fucking your tight ass. So goddamn tight. Feels good fucking you."
"Bobby, baby, yes, fuck my ass with your big dick. Fuck your mother. Ooh, make me cum again, baby. Squirt your cum juice into my ass!"
Bobby was banging my butt jack rabbit quick. I was riding the rising crest of a long orgasm and all the signs told me that Bobby would soon pop . . . his breath rasped against my neck, his cock was vibrating in my ass and sweat dripped from his body to
pool on the small of my back.
Then he was there. His prick swelled even larger as he jerked against my buns and launched his scalding semen deep into my bowel. That's when I peaked and my sphincter closed like a vise on my son's dick, milking every last drop of cum from his overworked balls. It felt so indescribably wonderful to have my son's hot jizz showering my bowels while his spunk still simmered in my cunt and more burned in my stomach.
Well, it didn't take long for the word to get out among our swinging friends of our incestuous loving, and instead of kicking us out, we were turned on to a whole group of swingers into family sex. And when I have time, I'll write about it, but right now there's a big cock I have to fuck.

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